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William James Foundation runs business plan competitions for Social Entrepreneurs, many of whom are from Developing Countries.  A single entry to WJF can place a Social Enterprise into a number of competitions.

Natural Innovation is an outreach partner, and we encourage and support our incubatees to apply to WJF.

Mitra Ardron has been a Judge in this competition for the last few years, and concurs with Ian Fisk's (WJF's executive director) conclusions that the extensive feedback that entrants receive is at least as valuable as the kudos that comes from winning or reaching the finals.

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For nearly two years I've been looking into the question of how to further sustainable and scalable technologies that can solve the challenges of the billion+ people who lack access to clean water, power, sanitation, and food. In the process of creating Natural Innovation .org, I've discovered just what a challenge inventors and innovators face: caught in the gap – efforts are too risky for philanthropists yet offer too little profit for Venture Capital. Too much money is needed to source from friends and family, yet rarely are resources there to access substantial grant or investment programs.

Download this file (NI exec summary.pdf)NI exec summary.pdf[Executive Summary]262 Kb
Download this file (NI projects.pdf)NI projects.pdf[Current and recent projects]655 Kb
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Cleanstar vertically integrated bio-fuels PDF Print E-mail

Cleanstar Energy is developing a business model to grow the use of sustainable bio-fuels in India. They are combining oil-seed growth as a complement to existing farm activity, with waste oil processing into an economically viable vertically integrated business with benefits to rural farmers; urban waste management and energy sustainability.

Natural Innovation mentrored them through their business planning as part of Villgro's Pre Incubation Program as they prepared to raise finance. They are now raising money in the Indian market.


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Humanitarian License PDF Print E-mail

Natural Innovation has been looking at the tricky issue of licensing, when their are needs to be met, but very different business environments netween developing and western countries. We have been developing a standardised license to allow humanitarian licensing of technologies, from for-profits to non-profits and social ventures.


Download this file (Humanitarian License (Jul. 24, 2011 DRAFT).pdf)Humanitarian License 24 July 2011.pdf[A draft template of a license for technology use for humanitarian purposes]109 Kb
Download this file (Plain English Guide to the Humanitarian License 24jul11.pdf)Plain English Guide to the Humanitarian License 24jul11.pdf[A plain english guide to the Humanitarian License ]196 Kb
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Mike NorthDr. North holds bachelors, masters, and doctoral degrees in engineering with focuses on mechanical design, rapid prototyping, and nanotechnology.  He’s published in a half dozen major scientific journals, including the journal Nature; and continues to speak internationally on design and innovation.  Mike masterminded builds on the Discovery Channel show Prototype This!, where he led teams of crack inventors, scientists, builders, and engineers to create never before seen spectacles of engineering.  Inventions ranged from an omni-directionally driving stilt lifting traffic busting truck to a 30-foot tall waterslide simulator to cutting-edge lifesaving fire fighting equipment.  Currently Mike is bringing innovation to the toy industry as Chief Technology Officer at Nukotoys, Inc.; runs his own design consultancy, North Design Labs, LLC; and is founder and director of, a non-profit that uses expertise in the developed world to solve real world problems in developing countries.

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Partners - Reallocate - engineering PDF Print E-mail

Pairing professionals with problems and giving them the infrastructure to execute.

What happens when you put highly skilled professionals face-to-face with real world issues and give them the resources to make a change?

Reallocate is a non-profit organization that leverages a volunteer network of high-level technologists, designers, and innovative thinkers to holistically solve real-world problems.  Reallocate gives experts the structure and means to identify and address issues faced in developing and disenfranchised parts of the world.

By dynamically assembling teams of world changers, and giving them resources through strategic partnerships and funding, Reallocate is capable of assessing a wide range of problems and executing innovative and effective solutions.

Natural Innovation is looking forward to collaborating with Reallocate to match engineers up with problems of our Innovators, and in taking some of Reallocate's solutions to scale

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